I lived in China for a total of 7 years: a year in Guangxi ( 2012 — 2013) and six in Beijing (April 2014 — Feb 2020). Over this time and even now, after I have moved back to Estonia, people have always asked me — do/did you feel home…

Ja miks vahel ei piisa lihtsalt indiviidi tasandil millegi tegemisest? | And why doing things on an individual level is sometimes not enough?

….………………………………………. (Scroll down for the English version)

Eesti parlamendivalimised on kohe käes. Ma ise elan välismaal üsna rahvusvahelises kogukonnas ning seega tean, et need teemad on relevantsed…

Bilingual Improv Group BIG performing at 2016 Beijing Improv Festival

And the 缘分* in it

I moved to Beijing almost 5 years ago, 8th of April 2014. I didn’t know anyone here except for a few distant acquaintances I meet twice a year for lunch. So it was a big step, but I had to do it. I am not…

Anete Nekle

Estonian in China, entrepreneur, improviser, runner

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